Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

Mobile marketing is a rapidly-growing extension of internet marketing, targeted towards users of mobile devices. Companies can use mobile marketing to reach a wider audience and provide more personalized information about their services.


Mobile WebsitesWhile mobile marketing has long been projected to be the future face of marketing, until recently, marketing campaigns primarily targeted those accessing the web via a PC. However, we’re here to tell you the future is now here, and more important than ever. That’s right; it’s time to get in the mobile marketing game. Why? In the last year mobile traffic has skyrocketed and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon; in fact, research predicts mobile traffic will increase ten-fold in just the next four years. This means that companies looking to truly capture an optimal segment of consumers and bolster conversion rates must employ a cutting-edge, effective mobile marketing strategy.

And that’s where we come in. At BD Growth Hacker Marketing , we provide a variety of mobile marketing services to help companies launch this latest level of marketing and more effectively “rule the mobile web.” Our mobile marketing services include focus on:

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising is a crucial component of mobile marketing; in fact, mobile ad spend grew over 100 percent in the year 2013 alone. At BD Growth Hacker Marketing ,  team of experts will create targeted ads that reflect broad-match and action-based keywords specific to mobile searches, as well as ads that are easily loadable with responsive landing pages and emphasize contact information. We also understand that mobile advertising is most effective when an ad campaign can be found on multiple platforms, which is why our mobile ads will fall in line with a company’s current social media or traditional online advertising campaigns. Mobile ads can be created as rich media ads, banner ads and text tagline ads and can even be included in apps, which has proven to be one of the most successful areas of mobile advertising.

Targeting Google Mobile Devices

As Google maintains supreme influence over approaches to SEO and marketing, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, our mobile marketing services specifically target Google mobile devices like Nexus and Android to build upon a company’s existing strategy for SEO on desktop searches. BD Growth Hacker Marketing also focuses on Google Mobile Ads, which allows companies to purchase ads that will appear specifically on mobile Google search results pages.

Social Media Mobile Ads

Social media is another critical component of a successful mobile marketing strategy that attracts high volumes of mobile device users, which is why we underscore the value of purchasing ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to better capture emerging markets of consumers. Social media mobile marketing targets ads to specific users based on information collected about user location, preferences and other purchasing behaviors. Facebook’s recent tool that allows companies to market to specific users based on their type of network connection allows us to customize things like which users can view a company’s video campaign, and which are better served viewing an image or link ad. BD Growth Hacker Marketing also maintains a nuanced understanding of Facebook and other social media sites’ approach to imposing filters that may affect advertising, to ensure that companies get the exposure they’re looking for.

Responsive Web Design

Websites that are designed to seamlessly adapt to any screen size or format are proven to significantly benefit a company’s mobile marketing strategy. In fact, websites that aren’t mobile compatible in today’s world are missing out on the chance to boost conversion rates and keep pace with competitors. BD Growth Hacker Marketing’s team of website design experts can help companies create a mobile-friendly website that will afford optimal responsiveness and ensure growth in mobile traffic.

Mobile Targeting

We also recognize the proven value of a retargeting marketing strategy, a strategy that is currently poised for marked growth on mobile platforms as developments that make retargeting possible across devices continue to roll out. After a user visits a company’s website, our mobile retargeting strategy allows a company’s ad to appear on other websites or apps a user views using their mobile device. Why does it work? By targeting those who are already familiar with a business’s brand and service, there’s a far greater chance that with additional exposure to the company, a user’s initial interest will convert to an actual sale.

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